Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is medium through which you can communicate to end number of people through Bulk SMS Web Panel, API, Plugins. Bulk SMS has two Routes Promotional SMS Route & Transactional SMS Route. Bulk SMS services provide a great way to promote and grow your business. Bulk SMS service is used for Information Circulation in one go and sms messages delivered straight to your Customer/Member mobile phones. Bulk SMS messaging simply means sending large number of SMS in one push. We Provide Bulk SMS service in India & International. Bulk SMS is Cheapest & Popular Marketing Tool in India.

Promotional  SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions of your product and services to new and existing customers. The objective is to help you connect with your clients & potential customers, thus by increasing your reach & potential.

Transactional SMS is used for sending Information, OTPs and alerts to members or customers who are registered through opt-in or web application.The objective is to help customer who want to be updated for service and product he opted

Powerful Features Of Bulk SMS Service

Send Personalize Bulk SMS

You can Create your Customized Content to send through Bulk SMS

Custom Sender Id

You can Create Multiple Sender Id Names of 6 Characters only Alphabets for Brand Identity Eg : AM-SBIBNK

Upload PhoneBook with Groups

It allows you to add your Customers & Members Data for regular SMS Campaigns so that you can just select groups and send sms quickly. Data is Secure and Safe

Schedule SMS Option

You can Schedule SMS for a later time and date. So that you can manage multiple things

Send SMS in 15+ Regional Languages

You can type and send sms in 15+ regional language in India with selecting type in language option

Intant Delivery Report Status

You Check SMS delivery reports as soon as pushed the campaigns in real time through reports option

SMS Templates

You can create sms templates for frequently used message which saves times. Also you can add multiple template and edit previously saved

Excel SMS Plugin

It allows you to send sms directly from excel itself just download excel plugin and install

Opt-in Opt-out Users

List of Opt-in & Opt-out can be created easily with our registration number which make your work for database hassle free

Attach Files in SMS

You can send Image,Video,PDF  through attachment in sms to interact with audience


You can Convert your Web,social link into trackable tiny url to track and measure campaign effectiveness.

API Integration

We provide API in different programming Languages to send OTP & notification SMS via API integrated in Software and online application.
  • Add attachment to Bulk SMS 

After login into Bulk SMS panel you can easily add Image, Video , PDF file in attachments just by uploading your file on panel

  • Generate TinyURL for the files & Links

Shortlink is inbuilt feature allows you to save space by Shortening the fIles & long weblinks using our inbuilt URL shortener. It also Enable advanced tracking to send unique links to every recipient and track mobile numbers of people who clicked on your link, time of the click, and device characteristics.

  • Track Campaign Performance By Track Reports

Track Reports are generated by Unique Links it shows the mobile numbers along with parameters like device type, OS, location,browser of the clicked recipients.

  • Auto Folder Creation of Customers who Clicked on link

A new folder is created of the Customer who has clicked on the smart link for the campaign .So that you can  re-engage by directly calling them up or by sending detailed information and offers.

Bulk SMS Service Pricing



5,000 SMS

10,000 SMS

25,000 SMS

50,000 SMS

1,00,000 SMS

3,00,000 SMS

5,00,000 SMS

10,00,000 SMS

For Higher Packages 


Best Marketing Solution For Promoting Brand, Advertisement, Lead Generation


Rs. 2,500

Rs. 5,000

Rs. 8,500

Rs. 15,000

Rs. 42,000 

Rs. 65,0000 

Rs. 1,20,000

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Used For Sending Alerts, Reminders, Updates, Notifications To Registered Customers


Rs. 3,500

Rs. 6,500

Rs. 10,000


Rs. 48,000

Rs. 75,000

Rs. 1,30,000

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Sending One Time Password Over SMS, For Login Verification


Rs. 4,000

Rs. 8,000

Rs. 12,000


Rs. 54,000


Rs. 1,40,000

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