The customer reviews are helpful because they give added insight to potential buyers who want to know how people who’ve bought this item have found it. If the world’s biggest online retailer has its product pages set up like this, chances are that it’s for good reasons, and to optimize conversions. Amazon offers designers a great template of how to design a mobile product page for success..

With no other apps do you have to design in such a way that directly affects conversions that matter the most to businesses, which is purchases for sales. That’s what makes nailing the design and UX for retail apps more urgent than other types of apps.

Designing for Mobile App Commerce


Designing for retail apps is extremely interesting because it all comes down to conversions. One wrong design decision, and that could well mean a lot of lost revenue for your client. While some of the conventions of good design and UX apply to retail apps, some design choices you’ll have to make to optimize UX may surprise you.

One of the more lucrative projects for designers these days doesn’t even involve desktop. That’s because, in the last few years, more and more people have switched to mobile use, which also includes time spent shopping. A good rule of thumb as a designer is to go where your users are flocking, and you’ll find plenty of value there.

Designing for Mobile App Commerce



When designing your individual product pages on your retail app, be sure to give your shoppers everything they could want in the way of information. Although it’s mobile, they still want to be informed shoppers. You just have to make the most of your small screen real estate when designing individual product pages, so don’t waste space.

Amazon offers a clever example of getting around the limited screen space issue: They’ve simply decided to design long-scrolling pages in the app to let users scroll down to absorb all of the rich information on every, single product page.

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